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Brooks Bedlam Running Shoes

Get a little crazy in the brand-new Bedlam. Our springiest DNA AMP midsole joins forces with our holistic GuideRails support.

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Brooks Bedlam Running Shoes

Get a little crazy in the brand-new Bedlam. Our springiest DNA AMP midsole joins forces with our holistic GuideRails support.

Knitted Upper

Using FitKnit upper, Brooks have designed the Bedlam to work with you and your unique foot shape. The material will move with your every stride, providing you with both flexibility and durable versatility. The knitted mesh that surrounds the upper is made from an extremely lightweight and breathable material. This means that as you begin to work, the warm air that will start to build up within the shoe will then be able to escape out of the shoe. Once removed, it is replaced with cooler air, which will leave you feeling fresh and ventilated. Sweat will also be removed out of the shoe, which will increase comfort. The sock-like fit encases the foot in breathable comfort to ensure you remain comfortable at all times. Comeplting the upper is a lacing system which locks down the midfoot to encourage distraction-free strides.

DNA AMP Midsole

Using Brooks' developed innovative DNA AMP, the foam found in the midsole will deliver long-lasting spring and bounce, helping push you further and faster. Towards the bottom of the sole, the EVA is shock absorbing and will prevent any heavy pressure from causing damage to the foot. The top half of the midsole, and in closest contact to the sole of the foot is extremely cushioned, ensuring that you will have smooth comfort in every step. The biggest benefit that the DNA AMP foam will provide is rebound and bounce back. Made from a soft, naturally expanding foam encased in a skin that resists horizontal expansion, the energy captured from the force of each stride is directed back up to you, resulting in a bouncier and springier feel mile after mile. A Holistic Support System also exists within the midsole to provide added structure for support runners. The guiderail works to keep you moving comfortably by keeping excess movement in check.

Durable Rubber Outsole

The rubber used on the outsole of the shoe is extremely durable, and in addition, it is abrasion resistant. This will mean that it will stand up to abuse from uneven and rough surfaces. The arrow point pattern on the outsole will help you move from the heel to the toe extremely quickly and efficiently, allowing you to have a constant flow in your gait. The rubber is able to form a solid bond with the ground, which will give you firm control and stability. Multi-directional grooves will also dig into the surface, and are positioned to assist with certain movements like take-offs, braking and changes of direction.



Brooks: The Answer is Always The Run

Brooks is an American company that designs high performance men's and women's running shoes that are all built with the right technologies to give you the right fit and function. Every single engineering choice made by Brooks is informed by runners needs and backed by in depth biochemical research. Balancing art, science and runner insight, the products made for you always feature groundbreaking innovations that advance the ride, style, fit and performance of your gear.

No matter your speed, style or where you start, Brooks believe you always end up in a happier place when you run. That happy place is Brooks North Star, guiding them to inspire others to run and be active. Through the Run B'Cause program, they're committed to supporting causes that inspire everyone to run and be more active, both in local communities and globally. Donating gear to help fuel the good work of various charities and organisations, Brooks give away product samples and gently worn shoes so that people in need can put their products to good use.


Manufacturer Code: BRO1202721B520

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